‘Please Publish These’

My 7-almost-8-year-old announced she wrote several stories and laid them on my writing desk to have published. She noted (kindly) on a post-it to remind me. Thrilled that she’s taken an interest in writing, I am publishing two of her pieces here and corrected the spelling and a bit of the grammar for easier reading, however, am posting pictures of the original.

I hope you enjoy the firsts of Madi’s published works. Give them a read, and and let her know your feedback. I will read your comments to her.

Her first piece is non-fiction:

We are all special. And we are all special in different ways. Some are funny. Some are goofy, and some are smart. But whether boy or girl, we are all human. – Madi Anglin

Hi! My name is Madi. Do you have classmates? I hope so, because I want you to meet my class! I have 21 classmates.

One is named Ayben and the other 21 are Peyton, Talon, Xander, Summer, Adey, Melony, Astin, Talor, Rilly, Hunter, Jackup, Emmalun, Ralin, Xavyer, Sayer, Carlos, Braytun, Slind, Kben, Will and Dallten.

We are all special. And we are all special in different ways. Some are funny. Some are goofy, and some are smart. But whether boy or girl, we are all human.

Our class number is 116. We have had two substitutes. I love room 116. We go to lunch at11:35. We go to recess at 12:00. We have gym, music, art, library, and Lexia lab. We call Monday “Monday Meeting.” Monday Meeting means morning meeting.

I have a Valentine. It is Xander. He is so so so so so cute. We go to Foster Heights Elementary School!

It was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun introducing you to Foster Heights Elementary.


Her second piece is a work of fiction. I might see a picture book in the future for this one after some work.



Once upon a time there was a pink bat. She loved to sing. Her name was pinky.

One morning she woke up in her bakery. She wanted to have a bake sale. She went outside to get started.

A girl came by and said, “Are you doing a bake sale? I love bake sales! Do you want help?”

“Sure!” she said.

She smiled at her.

She said she could get a long line of pink bats, blue bats, and even fruit bats.

She said, “After this you can help me with baking.”

“Okay!” said the girl.

She started baking while the girl went to the caves. Pink made 61,000 fruit muffins, 16 chocolate cakes, 9,000 cookies, and 100,160 chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones.

The girl came back, and said, “They’ll be here soon.”

“Just in time too!” said Pinky.

“Why is that?” said the girl looking confused. “Are you done?”

“Yep!” said Pinky.

“Wow! You really made so many treats that we might have some left! I’m so happy for us!” said the girl.

When the bats arrived, there were so many. When the bake sale was over, Pinky split the cash with the girl.

Pinky and the girl had so much cash, they gave some to seniors and the town in the valley, but never saw each other again.



About the author:

Madison “Madi” Elizabeth Anglin is 7 years old and is looking forward to turning 8 in one month so that she no longer has to ride in a booster seat. She loves to make art and watch Minecraft.


2 thoughts on “‘Please Publish These’

  1. Madi,
    You are an amazing writer to be so young! I see a very bright future ahead for you. I love that you shared a piece of your reality and your belief that EVERYONE is special and we are all HUMAN (we have the same beliefs, my friend ❤). I also loved Pinky and her adventures in baking and meeting a helpful friend along the way. I hope to hear more about Pinky possibly in the future.
    Keep teaching the world, one story at a time! And don’t ever forget you can do anything you want, be anything you choose, and change minds in the process!!


  2. Madi, you are an excellent writer. I can’t wait to read your stories to my 6 year old son. I know he will love them. Please keep writing stories for us to read. You are such a beautiful and talented little girl. I’m very proud of you. Keep up the great work.


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