5 Things to Do While Snowed In with Your Mate

snow love

By Mary Anglin-Coulter

Now safely home in your mate’s arms after a slippery drive in from work, you and your mate have had enough of the news predicting a foot of snow on the ground. You’ve stared at weather radars so long, you are starting to see phallic shapes and crawling polar bears instead of looming snow clouds inching across maps. It’s so treacherous outside, neither you nor your mate are going anywhere for a while. 

That’s the best part about snow days. The world forces us to pause. So what are you going to do with your stolen time with your sweetie?

Here are five things you and your sweetie can do to take advantage of your time home alone (a hint, none of these include chores):

1. Take a nap.

One of my favorite things to do with my love is nap with her. Hordes of studies outline numerous benefits for couples who sleep together. One such researcher found sleeping together eases anxiety due to a boost in oxytocin (Andrea Petersen published in The Wall Street Journal). Really, what better time to snuggle down in your warm bed or by the fire when hell has literally frozen over outside? Just sleep on it instead of worrying. Were you at work right now, you’d be wishing you were home in bed. Now is your chance. Bonus: A survey by Cotton USA found that couples who sleep naked together are happier than couples who sleep in pajamas or clothes.

2. Make love.

Since you’ll already be in bed in the buff with your honey, you may as well have a taste. Besides, you likely won’t have any unexpected knocks at the door in the near future. (And if you do, the bastard is probably mental for getting out in this mess so I advise not to open the door.) So shut the blinds. Turn down the lights. Light a candle or two. Take your time. Enjoy foreplay. Neither of you are going anywhere in the morning. You have all evening, so set a slow pace. If things heat up too quickly, go a second and third round. You should have lots of energy after your nap!

3. Wine and dine.

Cook a meal together. My spouse and I do this regularly but there’s something about slowly preparing a high maintenance meal and taking our time cooking it that is quite romantic. Make appetizers. Make salads. Make a delicious roast and a banging apple crisp. Then live off the leftovers for the next three days. Of course, this means you would have needed to brave the mad rush of the stores in anticipation of getting snowed in, unless you happen to be stocked up.

During or after dinner, add your favorite 80 proof drink and then add two more. Hell, you’re not driving. Work is cancelled. When was the last time you and your partner enjoyed drinks out of company with others? Or actually had a long conversation without an electronic device within five feet of you? Maybe you’ve missed the other’s increased charm or silliness as they imbibe. Now you get to privately enjoy the parts of their personality only revealed when alcohol draws down their inhibitions. But be careful to avoid touchy subjects like ex-girlfriends or overbearing in-laws lest you risk being snowed in with a steaming mad sweetheart. That would certainly be the opposite point of this article.

4. Netflix it.

I’m so over the whole “Netflix and chill” saying which drips all over social media these days, but I still gladly partake in its practice. It provides the perfect excuse for snuggling. While the snow falls silent out your window, start a new series you both enjoy, or pick a movie you watched while you were dating, before mortgage and responsibility complicated your love. Turn the heat down to encourage staying close, make coffee and share a blanket. Allow and encourage conversation during the show. “Na uh, she did not slap his mama!” Remember, the point is to connect with each other.

5. Play games.

Laugh! Bust out that old naughty card game he or she bought you for Valentine’s Day as a joke. Turn on the Xbox and build a beach house on Minecraft. Be playful. Even while playing a board game, you can provide the focus and attention we crave from our loves.

As we rush around our world, we feel so inconvenienced when an event like a snow storm forces us to slow down. See the positive instead. Yeah, you might miss that meeting you prepped for all week, but now you have time and energy to work on something that matters more: your relationship.

© Copyright Mary Anglin-Coulter, LLC


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